Secure Payment

With growing numbers of eCommerce and m-commerce transactions, there are new opportunities for cyber criminals. As a merchant, you need to ensure that you provide the best payment security and that your customers don’t have to worry about their data. Are you sure payments on your website are processed in a secure way? test

SSL certificates show your website is protected and will grow your online reputation as well. All information, such as credit card details and other sensitive data is protected. It also improves brand awareness and builds credibility with customers. The SSL is symbolized by a padlock icon in the URL bar and the web address begins with https. The SSL comes with many benefits for your online business, so make sure you’re using it to protect your customers well.
You’ve probably heard about PCI Compliance if you process payments on your website or looked into implementing online payments in the future. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) tell merchants how sensitive data used in payments should be secured. It requires data encryption to provide payments without using real card data that’s visible while processing. Note that PCI guidelines also consider tokenization in the future version.